GLM was founded on Friday. March 18th, 2011. 17:30 PM.

Branding, Advertising and Digital services. CLICK HERE to know more about our services. 

GLM’s model is uniquely different, in that there is no single entity that we see as a competitor. We focus more on collaboration rather than competition. We’ll work with anyone and everyone in order to come up with the best solutions.

You will have your own GLM Consultant who works as your point person that is always reachable by email and phone.

Yes, we have worked with clients across Malaysia as well as from other countries.

On the surface, we typically work with both B2B and B2C companies with RM24 million+ in annual revenue. But the companies we have the best relationships with are those that have positioned themselves as industry leaders through traditional marketing methods and are now ready to take marketing in a “new direction” by employing digital and inbound marketing strategies.

Yes, we are happy to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements. We are completely invisible to your clients and we leave no trace in the code; the true GLM experience.


We’re all experts at getting stuff done. You’re the expert in your industry. We’re the experts in ours. We’ll work together to make you look even more attractive to potential customers by developing strategies and creative pieces to make your brand iconic.

Yes, of course! We can help you decide on the type of paper and help you look for local printers in your area, or you can outsource the whole process to us.

NO. GLM is 100% original and authentic. We create and draw artwork from inspirations and feedback given to us during our meetings and style reviews.

You do! Some graphic designers try to hold files hostage in order to keep your business, but with GLM, you get it all. That includes the copyright. We don’t attempt to retain any rights on the work, although we do like to use what we have created for you to give our portfolio a boost. We believe in making EVERY project a portfolio piece.

If you aren’t sure about the design or the strategy, then let us know. We’ll talk through why we designed something a particular way or why your strategy is the way it is. We want you to feel confident and excited about your project. If something doesn’t feel right about it, then we’ll work together to find a solution that works.

It takes a minimum of 3 months to generate consistent growth and ROI. Although results may vary depending on industry type, it is best to set that expectation up front.

However, both parties are given the option to discontinue services at any time with a 30-day notice.

Firstly, let us know as soon as possible. We will need to charge for any work carried out after we have received your approval to proceed. But of course, it goes without saying that there will be no charge if we haven’t begun any work related to the project.


Our rates depend on the projects and services you need. Give us a call +60 3-8740 7102 or send an email to to discuss the depth of your project and which services you are interested in.

Yes. Before we look at how the budget is developed, it’s important we have a rough understanding of the total scope of your desired project. The budget for a project is simply the combined costs of the individual activities or work packages that the project must accomplish, represented by the approved cost baseline.

We require a deposit of 50% before we start working together and the remaining 50% is invoiced mid-project. Since no two projects are the same, in some case we might allow for a different type of payment plan that suits both parties.

You can pay us with one of the following accepted payment methods:

  • Credit cards and co-branded debit cards (Mastercard and Visa)
  • Bank account (direct debit) in supported countries
  • Local manual payment methods in some countries and currencies

We can usually accommodate rush jobs. However, a rush fee may be added depending on factors such as our production schedule, size and scope of project, due dates, etc. Contact us to find out more.

Our goal is to help your business thrive! We will meet with you periodically to go over the information and make changes as necessary. Your success is our goal; so if something is not working, we will change it.

We appreciate the importance of cash-flow, so we are happy to discuss breaking down payments over a number of months if this helps. Just ask us during the quoting stage.


These two terms, often used interchangeably, are actually not the same.

A logo is just a mark that visually identifies a brand. It can be a graphic image, the typographical representation of the brand or a combination of both.

A visual identity is a broader concept that encompasses all of the visual elements that make up the look and feel of a brand. It includes the logo, the colour palette, the fonts, image style, layouts and any other graphic element supporting the brand (business cards, packaging etc). All of these elements are outlined in a brand style guide.

We don’t do canned designs. We will pitch you a custom look based on your needs. For most clients, we will only pitch one very well-thought-out completely custom design concept. If we have a few ideas, we will show multiple options, but usually, we have an idea of what will represent your brand well, and we can capture it in just one shot. That being said, if the design is not to your liking, we will throw it out the window and start from scratch again.

Many freelance designers will limit the number of revisions you get on your logo design or graphics. That isn’t really the way to get you the best product, is it? With GLM, you can revise until the cows come home. We build revision time into our planning so that you can get the best graphic design services possible.

At your request, we will supply the electronic files to you via CD, Dropbox, or through e-mail. We also keep a copy of your project on file for later updates or in the event you lose your copy. A finished project is yours upon receipt of final payment.

Yes. From the design of your logo and brand to anything this could be applied to – whether in print or online – we’ll take care of it all.

This depends on the size of the run. Commencing approval of the design, large runs (offset printed) typically take five (5) days on average and short runs (digitally printed) can be delivered in as little as 24 hours.

Initially, we will take a detailed brief from you which will require information such as your brand guidelines (if you have them), functionality requirements, design likes/dislikes, your products/services, competitor websites, your target market and technical information. If you are supplying your own images and copy we will need them too, otherwise we will discuss additional costings for such items.